April 26, 20221 minute to read — Tags: documentation, elsewhere

I have a new interview on the DX Fieldnotes blog: How to Champion Investments to Improve Documentation. Brook Perry at DX did a great job structuring the interview around practical advice.

Some highlights:

  • documentation is a means to an end. Be clear about the goals (or ‘job to be done’) that you want from your docs. E.g., onboard team members faster, reduce downtime, have more consistent practices, crossfunctional awareness + alignment.
  • make the authoring+maintaining experience incredibly easy.
  • have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the discovery experience.
  • when choosing what to document first, use two techniques: ‘follow the pain’ (write the most-sought missing docs), and ‘stop the bleeding’ (ensure new projects don’t further exacerbate knowledge silos).

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