I saw X2 last weekend. Fucking incredible movie. I was seriously flipping out at how good it was. It was over two hours long and I was one the edge of my seat the entire time.

In middle school, I read X-Men and Spider-Man comics, which gives me dork-cred regarding such matters. Spider-Man is the coolest superhero ever, since spider-sense is the coolest superpower ever. On the opposite extreme of superpowers, Wonder Woman had a whip that made people tell the truth. That’s the dumbest superpower ever. Anyway, the Spider-Man movie didn’t realize it’s full potential since Kirsten Dunst sucks.

Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) is my second favorite superhero. He has all the fighting agility of Spider-Man (Peter Parker), but replace spider-sense with teleporting. While Nightcrawler’s saga isn’t a rich as Spider-Man’s (since Spider-Man is the star of three comic series, he simply does more than a single character of the X-Men), but Kurt has a more interesting history than Peter Parker. Parker, appealing to his target audience, is a science dork who hangs out in his bedroom a lot. Wagner was a circus sideshow and devout Catholic. That’s cooler.

That’s all I want to say about that.

Oh, (SPOILER AHEAD) to address the issue at the end of X2 of why Iceman didn’t just freeze all the water instead of letting Jean Grey die, I suggest the following explanations: either Iceman’s powers weren’t developed enough to be of use, or Professor X realized that Jean Grey had to die so that should could be reincarnated as the Phoenix in the next movie. Either way, there should have been something in the movie to clear up why Iceman couldn’t just freeze the torrent of water.

Finally, everybody in Chicago check out Gaper’s Block.

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