WTF is future-discounted present value?

Okay, so this isn’t so much a blog post as a gin and tonic-fueled stream of consciousness. Blame it on Kathie.

First, I’d like to say, “What is up with people doing crossword puzzles in class?” And not so much, “What is up with that?” as, “I did crossword puzzles in class last year you lame-ass fools.” I am so the fucking trendsetter. Way ahead of the curve. Especially when it comes to Tuesday’s theme, you cow-coworkers and ant-anthologists. Dog-do-gooders. Bring it, LA Times! (NY Times, lay off, anything after Tuesday is too hard.)

Right, so I was originally thinking about the class that I’m taking. It’s called “Mathematical Methods for Operations Research”. But it could just as aptly be called “Solving Systems of Linear Equations (Don’t Even Think About Using Calculus!)”. Math nerds such as myself have no problem with this stuff because we do it in our sleep. But Applied Econ majors, I think it’s a requirement for them. Anyway, I was sitting in class smugly doing my crossword puzzle when the prof asked a question about a company with a variable of “future-discounted present value”. Sirens went of in my head like, “WTF does that mean?” But everything else in the class was like, “I took a bajillion credits of finance classes, so of course I understand the term ‘future-discounted present value’.” Oh well, I got skooled.

Oh, certain phrases are no longer cool since they’ve been used on The O.C.. Such phrases include “ginormeous”, and the verb “to Netflix”. “So best” (wink to Margaret) is still cool.

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