Wow. I haven't blogged in

Wow. I haven't blogged in over two days - I must be going through withdrawal!

The Biology test that I have been stressing out about for the past two days is finally over. The first day was pretty tough, but I think I stumbled my way through it. I took a guess as to what 'allosteric enzyme inhibition' was, and got it right. (FYI, it is a negative feedback loop when the product of a reaction inhibits the reaction itself as a way of controlling the rate of the reaction.) The second day was much better. We had a choice of 5 questions, and we had to answer 2 (we had been taught three). I did evolution and neurobiology, and I think I did very well on those. So that's a huge weight off my back. I was awfully worried about my french and biology tests, and now they're both over! The only one left is history this coming Thursday and Friday, and it should not be too hard at all.

Today was Melissa Devensentis's birthday, and I just got back from her party. (Happy birthday Mel!)

Well, I spent a large part of today reformatting my hard disk because it was acting funny and going very slowly. But now everything is freshly installed and really fast. Cool.

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