Who kicked who's ass?

While I continue to kick ass in my SCS class, I fail to kick ass in my Math and CS classes. I have midterms tomorrow in both Math and CS, for which I am currently unprepared. Fortunately, my parents sent me cookies.

Also, I'd like to complain to the people who made certain English grammar rules. Who came up with this shit:

contraction with 'to be'possessive

This makes no sense at all. If we followed the general rule of possession and added an apostrophe s to the end of the noun, only third person singular pronouns would be the same as their respective contraction with 0ˆ8to be0ˆ9. But this would not be confusing because you would know the meaning from context. 0ˆ8Its0ˆ9 and 0ˆ8it0ˆ9s0ˆ9 are already homophones, and we can understand the difference. Why should it be any different in writing?

I propose a new, more reasonable spelling for possessive proper nouns: me's, you's, him's, her's, it's, who's, our's, and them's.

[Actually, I don't agree with the above proposition. I had some angst about my impending midterms and wanted to complain about something, rather being being angry at myself for procrastinating.]

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