When an anonymous person read

When an anonymous person read my last post, she said I was having a 'big word fest'. Now I feel like I need to defend my choice of words. I like using big words - maybe it's to show off, but I think that it's good for people to use big words. Using obscure words does not necessarily obfuscate the content, and it makes language more interesting and enjoyable.

Whenever I come across a word that I don't know, I look it up. In fact, if you drag this hyperlink to the Links bar in Internet Explorer, all you need to do is highlight any word on a web page, then click the link to get its definition. I use that for virtually every unknown word that I come across - and it really helps build your vocabulary (which will help you out on the SATs).

So, when I use big words, it's not to show off - it's because they're fun to use and make language interesting. Personally, I do not want language reduced to Orwellian Newspeak.

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