What's Up?

The quarter is winding down. Last weekend, my mom and my sister drove to South Bend, IN to visit my grandmother. Sunday, the three of them came to Chicago to visit me and meet Anja. We went to Maggiono's for dinner. My sister stayed with me the next few days, attending classes and getting mini-tours of campus. She's totally excited about coming here.

Then I went to my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. It was cool. I watched a lot of TV. Friday there was a 12-hour Even Stevens marathon on the Disney channel. I watched about 4 hours of that.

Anja is going to come home with me for a week of winter break. We're going to drive home together with my grandmother, and then she'll fly home before Christmas. Here's the tricky thing: in seven days, we need to visit my friends and family in Binghamton, and visit three people in New York City (Margaret, Ben, and Kat). I'm not sure how that's going to work, but we'll finagle it somehow.

Oh, I got an A on my art history paper. Bu-yah. It's available here in MS Word format if you want to plagiarize it or something.

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