What's up weblog? (two events)

People, in general, seem unsatisfied with their social lives. They are bored with doing the same old thing. This is true of my friends and me. So, tonight, in a somewhat irrational decision, we drove two and a half hours to see Steve play with his band at a tiny venue in front of fifty people. That's a lot of driving just to see your friend play. When we got there, (there being Dansville, NY), we realized the venue was a church, and the concert was a Christian Youth event. We were suprised. We didn't fit in. Increasing the general unusualness of the evening were two events occurring during the five hours of driving.

1. Chickens fall out of a pickup truck
Approaching an intersection, we stopped for a red light. On the other street perpendicular to us, a pickup truck accelerated quickly. The hatch on the back of bed opened and two cages with chickens inside fell out. The driver stopped in the middle of the intersection, ran behind the truck, threw the chickens back inside, slammed the hatch, and sped off. It was something I had never seen before.

2. A drunken man tries to ride a bicycle
Stopped at another red light, later that night, we saw a man stagger out of a bar. A bicycle was chained to the lamppost in front of the bar. I never realized that "don't drink and drive" applied to bicycles. After several fumbled attempts, he unlocked his bike. Standing with both hands on the handlebars, he tried to mount the bike. He threw his leg up once, but didn't quite have the coordination and wherewithal to get it over the bike. He tried again, and a third time, leg up in the air, not quite over the bike. Admitting defeat by alcohol, he returned to the bar, probably to drink some more. The light changed and we drove away.

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