What the heck happened?Welcome to

What the heck happened?

Welcome to the all new, totally redesigned, improved, revamped, enhanced, tweaked, tested and ktheory! The old paradigm has been demolished, and out of the rubble rises my.existence - the merging of my journal so it goes and connections. Note the metaphorical symbolism of the title my.existence. It's as if my existence is manifesting itself on the Internet. This symbol is re-enforced with the 'dot' between the two words, alluding of course to the 'dot com' that is currently permeating our culture (our first-world, middle class, predominantly white, predominantly American, culture that is). Further, Sun Microsystems is the 'dot' in 'dot com', and anyone who has read Plato's Republic knows that the Sun is the Form of Good and Truth. Thus, this site is My [True and Good] Existence. Only on the Internet can the Truth of my existence be expressed.

Enjoy the redesign. :-)

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