What I'm going to invent:In

What I'm going to invent:
In my lifetime, I hope to see humans become cyborgs, that is, living entities with both human and robotic components. Already, people such as Kevin Warwick have benefited from having computers chips implanted in their skin, becoming a very simple cyborg. Mobile computing is growing very quickly, yet one of the biggest problems is having an adequate display - nobody wants to surf the web on the 2 inch screen of a cell phone, but they don't want to lug around a laptop either. The solution: reverse-engineer the optic nerve connecting your eye to your brain. Then attach a display device that displays content straight to your brain, as if you're seeing it in front of you. Of course, this display evolves to become a lot more - add a processor and networking hardware, and you have instant, invisible, ubiquitous access to everything on the Internet. These truly 'personal computers' will benefit from nanotechnology, and can eventually be small enough to fit inside your head (or appropriate body cavity).

But maybe tapping into the optic nerve is an unnecessary intermediate step, because eventually these computers will feed information directly to your consciousness. As the amount of information on the Internet increases, we'll become omniscient.

Possibly, we'll decide to replace all the antiquated remnants of our DNA past with silicon, fiber optics, and nanotubes. I tend to agree with Danny Hillis (one of my favorite people and role model), and his opinion that this change from flesh to microchip will be gradual, and that we'll get accustomed to it. (Hillis explains this view in the aforementioned article Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.) Right now, the idea of becoming computers is scary, and popular science fiction's portrayal of cyborg dystopias, such as the Borg in Star Trek, exacerbates this fear. But, in actuality, convergence is a very real force driving technology - convergence between your TV and computer, your cell phone and your PalmPilot - and perhaps the ultimate convergence is your physical body with the technology that you use.

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