What if... I was thinking

What if...
I was thinking about the rise of the Internet and the 'information age' today, and the thought came to me:

What if we are experiencing the beginning of a major advancement in human evolution?

Imagine when prehistoric civilizations first began using language as a means of communication. As language progressed and became more complex, writing emerged as a more convenient means of using language to communicate. Guttenberg's printing pressed was another major advancement in the dissemination of information. Interestingly, all of these methods of communication - speaking, writing, and printing - are all still in use today. What if the our global inter-connectedness is giving rise to a new form of communication - instant communication with anyone on the planet. In the future, we could even get wired microchips implanted in our brains to communicate 'telepathically'.

Of course, for me to imagine that humanity is on the verge of something new is a ridiculous point, because we are constantly changing, and thus we are always on the verge of something new.

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