Welcome back Aaron Wow. I

Welcome back Aaron

Wow. I haven't writing in over a week. I have to get back in the habit. Actually, to say I haven't written is a gross understatement. I have been writing; 4000 words to be precise. That's the word count of my International Baccalaureate Extended Essay on Allied Codebreaking During World War II. I've also written an English paper and worked on my Theory of Knowledge papers.

I wish I had an interesting anecdote or something, but all the ones that come to mind are negative, and I'm going to try to be positive. Sometimes when I'm stressed I get more cynical (than usual). But many of the papers and projects that are due for IB are winding down, so I can be more relaxed. Actually, I have a lot of free time already, so what am I complaining about? Nothing.

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