Weekend Update

The computer lab is packed. In the words of Andy Martin, "it's a zoo." Writing papers: what a fun way to spend Memorial Day.

Alex Golub is another U of C weblogger. I don't know how he got his own subdomain static IP, more on that later. Update: get a U of C static IP.

The NY Times has a special feature on people trapped in the World Trade Towers on September 11. Compiled from phone calls and emails, it is quite moving.

"A husband calmly reminds his wife about their insurance policies, then says that the floor is groaning beneath him, and tells her that she and their children meant the world to him."

A while ago, I remember Margaret saying,

"Fifty years ago, Pearl Harbor was a huge national tragedy. Now, it's a cheesy romance movie. No doubt in 2050 we can rent the romance version of 9/11 on video."

Monday means new lists at McSweeney's

And finally, everyone needs some coincedence design.

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