Weekend Recap

"So I will walk without care,
beat my snare
Look like a man who means business
Go to all the poshest places
with their familiar faces
Terminate all signs of weakness"

My weekend really began on Thursday. Alex, a friend of mine who's an RA at the new Max Palevsky dorm, had a movie night for his kids. He invited me and some of his other non-resident friends to eat free cookies and watch Say Anything. My weekend gets more interesting.

Friday, I had Algebra class until 9:30 a.m., at which point I went downtown for the day. First, I went to Reckless Records to find a birthday present for Anja. I also picked up Saul William's Amethyst Rockstar that I haven't been able to find at any other record stores. Although I have Amethyst Rockstar on my computer in MP3 form, I figured since I liked the CD so much, I should buy it to show my support for the artist. But then I bought it used because it was cheaper, which doesn't really support the artist. It does, however, support the music industry in general, and thus in some infinitesimal way, support Saul Williams.

Realizing that I'm full of shit, I proceeded to putz around the near-north side for the afternoon trying to find Uninvisible by Medeski, Martin and Wood. I looked at the Virgin Megastore, Borders, and the Jazz Record Mart, and couldn't find it for less than $18, so I decided I'd go home and download it. (It's good. I recommend it.)

Friday night was Blues 'n' Ribs, which is U of C's down-home country way of saying farewell to hospitable temperatures. As usual, they ran out of food around 8:30, and I didn't get there until 10:00. At least the music was good. I was hanging out with Anja and her roommates, when my Algebra TA came up and started hanging out with us. Apparently, over the summer, my TA and Anja's roommates had an inebriated late-night run-in on the 'L' in which my TA invited himself back to their apartment, drank their wine, and spent the night. While he may have redeeming qualities, his general demeanor is abrasive. This is the abstract to a more interesting story, but it shall be withheld to protect the guilty. So, I was hanging out with my weird TA Friday night.

Saturday was Anja's birthday, so we took her to the Joffrey Ballet's performance of "The Taming of the Shrew". Ballet isn't really my bag, but it was cool to see Beck and Neve Campbell there.

Saturday was Swedish day. Anja, again, who's Swedish, and her Swedish friend John and I went out to brunch at Tre Kronor, a Swedish restaurant. After that, we went to Ikea (based in Sweden) wherein I purchased various apartment accessories.

Finally, I made John and Anja watch Super Troopers. I've seen that movie at least a dozen times now.

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