Vote Ralph Nader for president!Americans

Vote Ralph Nader for president!

Americans get high on trivia, and forget that, whether presidents have been impotent or oversexed, drunk or sober, they have followed the same basic policies. Whether crooks or Boy Scouts, handsome or homely, agile or clumsy, they have taxed the poor, subsidized the rich, wasted the wealth of the nation on guns and bombs, ignored the decay of the cities, and done so little for the children of the ghettos and rural wastelands that these youth had to join the armed forces to survive - until they were sent overseas to die.

Harry Truman was blunt and Lyndon Johnson was wily, but both sent armies to Asia to defend dictators and massacre the people we claimed to be helping. Eisenhower was dull and Kennedy was witty, but both built up huge nuclear armements at the expense of schools and health care. Nixon was corrupt and Ford straightforward, but both coldly cut benefits for the poor and gave favors to rich corporations

- Howard Zinn, 1976

Despite Zinn's unapologetic liberalism which permeates his writing, I am against the historic and bipartisan trend of military buildup and selling the United States out to big business. Ralph Nader is the candidate who will change these trends, and restore the Jeffersonian vision that our country was founded upon.

For those whom might think that voting for a candidate with only 6% points in the polls is a wasted vote:
"The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just." - Abraham Lincoln

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