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Michael Green is a U of C philosophy professor with a weblog. I like his page layouts a lot; the minimalist broadsheet look like ktheory had over the summer (and like McSweeney's). In addition to his weblog, check out his section on the Prisoner's Dilemma. Michael Green reads Textism and uses Zeldman's style switcher script, which means he a cool dude. Hopefully I'll get to take one of his classes for my HiPSS concentration.

Speaking of classes...
The content of Elementary Logic is starting to get interesting, but the other people in the class are making it difficult to enjoy. One lecture, the professor spent about 30 minutes fielding questions about inclusive 'or' versus exclusive 'or'. Today, it was the same questions about the word 'unless', which in the scope of this class, has an identical function as 'or'. It's inclusive. There's nothing complicated about it. Furthermore, 'if p then q' is equivalent to it's contrapositive, and the statement 'not p or q'. Everybody in my logic class needs to stop asking dumb questions.

And on a more positive note, I made a comment today in class that the TA said was a good point. Our problem set partially consists of converting long sentences into symbolic logic statements. I said that, when presented with the opportunity to write as statement of the form 'if p then q', we should opt to write the equivalent statement 'not p or q'. The reason being that the 'or' operator is both commutative and associative, while the conditional is neither. Thus 'or' allows us greater flexibility. It was fantastic.

Abstract Algebra, on the other hand, is starting to kick my ass.

Now I go back to reading about 'mention' and 'use' in symbolic logic, and my Algebra problem set.

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