U of C is amazing.

U of C is amazing. Virtually everyone I meet is really interesting. An hour ago in the bookstore, two people just randomly started talking to me, and we got into an intellectual conversation spanning the topics of Ayn Rand to string theory. Todd, who lives down the hall, is a great soccer player, has an identical computer to mine, and is getting his own domain - wantwit.com (it's not up yet though). And Mary Anne, who is my next door neighbor and was literally the first person I met on campus, is really friendly too.

Tomorrow I have two three-hour placement tests in Calculus and French. I hoping to do well in both, so I can place into Honors Calculus and place out of French entirely.

It's strange how many people I've seen again from my prospective student visit last April. I've met almost everyone I can remember from that visit.

Reflective sigh. . . I'm finally on my own, and it's a great feeling of autonomy.

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