Top Five Music Lists

In the spirit of The Spot diner, and prompted by the Capitalist Mafia, here are some lists.

Top Five Bands/Musicians, Ever
1. Soul Coughing
2. The Smashing Pumpkins
3. Miles Davis
4. The Eels
5. Nine Inch Nails

Top Five Bands/Musicians, At the Moment
1. Portishead
2. Radiohead
3. Dave Brubeck Quartet
4. Our Lady Peace
5. Tenacious D

Top Five Albums, Ever
1. Siamese Dream, Smashing Pumpkins
2. Ruby Vroom, Soul Coughing
3. Sketches of Spain, Miles Davis
4. Pretty Hate Machine, Nine Inch Nails
5. License to Ill, Beastie Boys / Zoso, Led Zeppelin (tie)

Top Five Albums, At the Moment
1. Richard D. James Album, Aphex Twin
2. Mingus Ah Um, Charles Mingus
3. Stankonia, Outkast
4. Amethyst Rock Star, Saul Williams
5. Live in NYC, Portishead

Top Ten Songs, At the Moment
1. 0ˆ6Packt Like Sardines0ˆ7, Radiohead
2. 0ˆ6Blue Rhonda a La Turk0ˆ7, Dave Brubeck Quartet
3. 0ˆ6Roads0ˆ7, Portishead
4. 0ˆ6True Dreams of Wichita0ˆ7, Soul Coughing
5. 0ˆ6Winter in the Suburbs0ˆ7, Brighton
6. 0ˆ6Soft Serve0ˆ7, Soul Coughing
7. 0ˆ6Penny for a Thought0ˆ7, Saul Williams
8. 0ˆ6Rosa Parks DJ Mattos Remix f. Snoop Dogg and 2 Pac0ˆ7, Outkast
9. 0ˆ6Sing, Sing, Sing0ˆ7, Benny Goodman
10. 0ˆ6Clumsy0ˆ7, Our Lady Peace

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