Top 10 Things About Summer

10. Lying around.
9. 0ˆ6Zoning out0ˆ7 at work.
8. Spending copious amounts of time on the Internet (related to 10 and 9).
7. Pool at Guys and Dolls.
6. The Spot Diner.
5. The Lost Dog Café.
    a. Live jazz.
    b. Flirting with the bartenders.
4. Booty calls.
3. Hangin0ˆ9 out with Mike, Big Steve, Lil0ˆ9 Steve, Trevor, Jay, Dut, Ellie, Melissa, Drew, Kyle, Jason Casey, Jamison, Angelo, etc.
2. Parties with hot tubs and alcohol.
1. General apathy.

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