Tonight was classic

I went to the Empire Club for the first time. It is the most pathetic club imaginable. A friend of a friend's band was playing, The Tease I think they're called. The bassist works at The Spot and was introduced as 'Frankel, The Spot Guy'. That was the high point. Low points included a cover of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town" and Weezer's "Photograph". They sucked so bad.

Anyway, after their set, we went to a party at Carla's house, which was pretty sweet. I met Santino who, upon availing his irrationally chauvinistic opinions to egalitarian Ellie, created quite a ruckus. He also pretended that the house was his own, and told inebriated girls stories about buying the artwork on the walls in foreign countries. It was totally hilarious.

Plus, I saw Steve Roessner for the first time since I've been back. That totally made my night.

Tomorrow I'm getting paid $50 to help somebody move. I need money.

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