Today's goings on

Bill O'Reilly of the O'Reilly Factor (radio/Fox News talk show) got into a shouting match with Jeremy Glick, a supporter of Not In Our Name and whose father died in the 9/11 attacks. It denigrated into O'Reilly yelling at Glick, "Shut up! Shut up! Cut his mic."

Read the transcript at This Modern World. Impressive behavior from "America's #1 cable TV news commentator, leading radio personality and best-selling author".

Japanese scientists create an invisibility cloak. A photograph is taken from the rear of the jacket, and the image is projected on the front.

Powell's speech without the curtainDuring Powell's speech yesterday, a blue curtian covered Picasso's "Guernica", which depicts the atrocities of war. It was believed that the picture, hanging in the U.N. building, would give "too much of a mixed message." (NY Times story). Tom Tomorrow of This Modern World made a mock-up of Powell in front of Guernica.

The Letters game is incredibly addictive.

Oh, today a story was related to me in which some aquaintances were describing personality types. They were talking about the "I'm smart and don't try hard but get by because they're cool and funny like so and so" type versus the "I'm smart and try really hard because if I don't get an A the sky will fall like so and so" type. Except the so and so's were people I know. Then someone added, "there's the 'I'm smart but also charming and handsome like Aaron Suggs' type". Update: Margaret (who related the story to me), e-mailed me to say that I totally screwed up the story. The interlocutors were describing their high school selves in terms of personality archetypes. One person said, "I was popular, but not in that Aaron Suggs, isn't
he handsome and charming kind of way."

It made my day. Because my ego was really in need of a little TLC. And another person said I look like Ashton Kutcher. I eat that shit up.

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