Today, while doing my semi-weekly

Today, while doing my semi-weekly upload of the Chicago Maroon, Sam Eccleston made an off-hand comment that I should give the Chicago Maroon more lip service on my web site. The Chicago Maroon is, of course, the official and independent student newspaper of the University of Chicago since 1892. The newspaper is available free of charge, as is the web site.

Every week, Sam writes a very enjoyable and worthwhile music review column called Indie pedant, which is published in the Chicago Maroon. When Sam isn't working for the Chicago Maroon, he is working towards his B.A. in English. He probably does other stuff too.

After Sam made the comment about paying lip service to the Chicago Maroon, we talked about literary theory. More accurately, he told me about literary theory. He told me about structuralism and post-structuralism, pre-modernism, modernism, and post-modernism - right there in the Chicago Maroon office. Two words Sam has used in association with himself are "literati" and "malcontent". Two other words he's used are "book nerd". I'm not really a literati, but I fake it well. I have trouble finishing books that I start, and remembering the ending when I do. Unfortunately for me, the ending of many books is important for the themes and plot. If I were in a conversation with Holden Caulfield, he'd probably think that I'm a phony. Holden Caulfield, being a fictional character, knows nothing about the Chicago Maroon.

But the Chicago Maroon is such a great newspaper, I sure wish he did.

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