Today in school, there was

Today in school, there was a forum on school safety, which was attended by our Lieutenant Governor. Since Student Council Government (of which I am a part) was invited to the forum, I was able to attend. She divided us by table and each table was assigned to answer a specific question relating to school safety, which was a bit condescending. Most of the questions were basic stuff such as 0ˆ8What would you do if someone told you about a planned act of violence?0ˆ9 But our table got a cool question: something to the effect of 0ˆ8What do you suggest as methods of tearing down barriers between different groups in school?0ˆ9
We came up with philosophical and somewhat abstract answers such as 0ˆ6encourage individuality rather than socialization.0ˆ7 Basically, it was the smart seniors doing a little mental masturbation in front of the lowly underclassmen. (Did I just say 'masturbation'? That'll get me banned on the censorware.)

Afterwards, there was a Q&A session, and I told her that many people have the sentiment that any safety measures are justified because they seem have the best interests of the students in mind. I told her that this was a specious view and tha I would rather have history textbooks printed in the last quarter century than have more cameras and hall monitors to stop homeless people from trying to use our bathroom. Adele later pointed out that this was a clich0—5d example, and I agree with her, but the point remains. Anyway, the Lieutenant Governor pretended to respond but really starts talking about teaching values and citizenship in schools. Politicians are so good at pretending to answer questions and not really doing so 0ˆ4 and I realized this a second too late to call her on it. But maybe that0ˆ9s for the better.

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