To briefly comment on what

To briefly comment on what follows: Maybe I'm being pathetic. Maybe I'm acting like an obsessed fan, but this is just too cool not to mention. I'm so flattered. I have influenced the design of an A-List web site.

I consider Lance Arthur ( among the cr0‚5me de la cr0‚5me of web designers. When he redesigned his site a few days ago, I sent him an email giving my opinion about the redesign. Suprisingly, he responded with an email even longer than my own. Today, I visited his web site again to realize that he had implemented one of my suggestions! On his web site, notice the Site Tools navigation on the right. They used to be described with a message in the status bar. I suggested that they be described with an image 'alt' attribute (the description that appears by your mouse when you hold it over the picture). Now it's changed.


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