To Bethany:Don't eat yellow snow.At

To Bethany:

Don't eat yellow snow.

At the Chicago Maroon office, listening to random mp3s from the eclectic collection downloaded by the eccentric people who use the computers, Baz Luhrmann's Sunscreen speech (8.2MB) started playing (the whole story of this piece is quite interesting).

I remember that you have this text taped to your bedroom door. In my sophmoric style, I had looked down on the piece as commercialized popular nostalgia pandering to the Top 40 radio crowd. I was too alternative for that. I associated it with girls who bought 'NSYNC and Backstreet Boys CDs.
But today I listened to the song with an open mind. It reminded me of the commonality of human experience and the value of every life - spiritual things I often forget as I arrogantly focus on my dream of fortune and power (you know how I can get).

I know, as your older brother, that I am sometimes a role model for you. Bethany, you're a role model for me too. I like the people that you've chosen as friends. I approve of the boys you date. I admire your ability to handle difficult classes. I admire your individualism and compassion to animals; your acting, signing, and poetic abilities. I admire your intelligence and open-mindedness.

Enjoy high school, and come visit me over your spring break.

And trust me about not eating yellow snow.

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