Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant accused of using pagers and coughs to cheat.

Mozilla as the killer weblogging app. I agree with Matt and use almost all the features he cites. Tabbed browsing forever.

My friend and fellow U of C student J.S. Irick is interviewed in a Washington Post article about anti-war protests. From the article:

“J.S. Irick, shivering in only his underwear, chained himself to a flagpole and smeared his body with red paint to represent blood. Scores flung themselves on the student union floor to dramatize the innocent Iraqis they say will die if the United States invades that country. More than 1,000 others skipped classes and trekked through several inches of snow this afternoon for an antiwar “teach-in” at the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller chapel…

“Many, like Irick, argued that spending billions to wage war will result in deaths and do little to enhance U.S. security. ‘I like feeling and sleeping safe as much as anyone else,’ said Irick, 21, a junior computer science major. ‘But what we’re doing isn’t helping that. I’m just trying to get people thinking.’”


The Paris Review: Italo Calvino’s American Diary. 1959-1960

US Treasury to change the color of $20 bills

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