The "back" button is the most commonly used button by Web surfers, but its simple stack behavior often hinders users from finding the sites they want. 30 to 40% of Web pages are reached using the back button, and 80% of Web pages have been previously seen by the surfer. With this in mind, scientists set out to build a better, menu-driven back button. (/.)

Most people tilt their head to the right whilst kissing, probably because right head turns are favored in the womb.

US Government plane crashes in rebel-controlled territory of Columbia

Iraq inspectors have evidence that "Iraq has been developing a ballistic missile that is in clear violation of UN restrictions". 'Clear violation' is certainly a point up for debate.

There is a leaked internal memo about how a talk radio station in Sacramento plans to cover a war with Iraq. It's an interesting perspective about what goes on inside the newsroom.

Selections from My Name Is Blanket

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