Dude, you're getting a cell
Dell dude arrested for possession of marijuana. I'm guessing no one is really suprised by this, but it's juicy gossip nonetheless. Ruthie says, "Dude, you're getting a cell."

Power laws! Weblogs! I love this stuff. More at Kottke.

Madonna plans shocking new anti-war, anti-Bush music video, according to Drudge

Bin Laden offers military advice to Iraq, such as "digging large numbers of trenches and camouflaging them". Unfortunately, Colin Powell heard the broadcast too, so the advice won't be so helpful to Saddam. Related: Most Americans see justification for war.

NASA releases new picture of the universe

Doctors discover female-to-female HIV transmission

E. coli toxin prevents colon cancer, study finds

Ok guys, love you. Gotta run.

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