Two proposals are picked as finalists for Ground Zero (NYT) Pictures available at CNN.

Facing war with Iraq, turmoil in North Korea, rebuilding Afghanistan, international isolation, imminent terrorism, terrible home economy, and dropping polls, Bush outlines budget that embraces giant tax cuts and giant deficits, while cutting programs outside the Pentagon. (Plagiarized from TMN)

Entertainment Weekly picks the top 25 Simpsons episodes.

Oh, I used to be all over Gawker, since it kicked butt and came highly recommended from Margaret. But what's with all the Page Six links, like, every day. Phrases that [may] come to mind when thinking about Gawker: tired, flash in the pan, jumped the shark. Maybe I'm just not a fan of the gossip roundup. That, and I'm not from New York City. I guess I should cut Ms. Spiers some slack. And I like Nick Denton. Update: Nick Denton e-mailed to say that an effort is being made to diversify and shorten gossip roundup. Gawker is still cool.

Panda Run is a new game at Orisinal.

Infrangible is a gorgeous site.

A thesis on the influence of the internet on literature

Atari Mindlink

1893 - A World's Fair Mystery = cheesiest game ever.

Jon Udell's a fan of BuddySpace, the next step in the evolution of instant messaging and a type of smart mob. I think it sounds cool too.

John Perry Barlow on Total Information Awareness

Today I started reading The News About the News and Smart Mobs. I also decided on the topic of my term paper for Biological and Cultural Evolution. It will be a critique of On the Topology of Scientific Collaboration Networks [PDF]. This, after reading Barabasi's book Linked. And, I likely aced my Bioterrorism midterm this morning. Furthermore, I had an excellent lunch with an old friend. Tonight, I will exercise and watch AI. Today will be a great day.

In my head, coincidently, is the "A Life of Possibilities" by Dismemberment Plan.

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