The phony $1 CEO salaries are like "a fat person who devours two pizzas a day forgoing the mushroom topping to cut calories".

Using your computer could kill you! (if you sit on your ass for 18 hours straight and don't move so that the blood in your legs clots)

My very own online dry erase board

A Texas biology professor refuses to write recommendations for students that don't believe in the theory of human evolution. Is it "open religious bigotry", or a valid measure of one's aptitude in biology? I think the professor is in err for evaluating students on their personal beliefs rather than knowledge of the subject.

The Aftermath: what happens after the punchline of jokes and riddles.

The Moon: A Propaganda Hoax casts into doubt the existence of the moon.

Artificial intelligence allows for games without frontiers or endings I think the Maxis games (SimCity, The Sims) have been doing this for almost a decade. Not to mention MUDs and fantasy worlds like Ultima and Everquest.

That reminds of of lightcycle.org. Slick weblog.

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