The State of the Union poll on Slashdot is pretty funny. The different poll options are the ways moderators can rate Slashdot posts.

Bad News Bears find the $1.8 billion AOL Time Warner Center in NYC, since AOL Time Warner lost $48 billion this quarter. Isn't it kind of dumb when architects say, "You could live in this building for your entire life." People don't need a skyscraper for that. They're called shut-ins, and they manage in a one-floor house.

Seven Comments Overheard at the Magazine Editor 'Beauty Breakfast,' Thursday, Jan. 23, at Henri Bendel

Shaq's insensitive remarks translated in Chinese.

In the New Yorker, kids as captive focus groups (fiction).

New book: Ancient Egyptian Wisdom for the Internet

Teen survives car crash by dangling from power lines, attributes everything to God's will

Time's up.

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