First of all, Margaret visited. It was awesome. We partied like it was three people’s birffdays, lyrically accompanied by 50 Cent.

Larry Flint invites us to pray for the death of Bill O’Reilly

I talked to Jimmy Chamberlain at Wishbone . Evelyn recognized him, but was too shy to talk to him. He was sitting with a bunch of suits, and I said, “Excuse me, are you Jimmy Chamberlain?” Now, if I really was sure it was a celebrity, I probably would have left him alone, but Chamberlain is generic-looking and a washup, so I wasn’t really sure it was him, and it’s not like he’s so famous that everybody mobs him on the street.

I was kind of shocked when he said, “Yeah, I am.”

In my most endearing voice, I said, “I was really looking forward to your concert in 8th grade, but then you ODed, so I only heard that guy from Filter instead.”

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