The Saturnine Detractor is the new publication from U of C alums and seniors, including Andy, Whet and Pete.

The Saturnine Detractor is an online magazine featuring journalism of a narrative variety, reviews, opinion, fiction, and artwork. There are three people named Tom affiliated with this first issue of The Saturnine Detractor. They all have dark hair. They all are easily of above average height. The Saturnine Detractor encourages you to make much of this “coincidence.” The Saturnine Detractor is one of those publications that makes you italicize the “the.” We’re not putting on airs. It just fits nicely in the logo…The word “Saturnine,” meaning “gloomy” comes from the name of the god Saturn, whence also derives the name of the planet, Saturn.

MIT’s Media Lab produces The Next Big Thing: the Corporate Fallout Detector

Interview with a Friendster drop-out:

Q. How many people were in your network?

A. Just north of 200K.

Q. Wow, that’s a lot of people. So how is a stranger six times removed from you in your Friendster network different from some skell you’d meet at a bar in Brooklyn?

A. You just pulled the nail from my head. There is no difference and that’s one of these reasons I became disillusioned with the concept. But really, walking up to strangers on the street and awkwardly introducing yourself is the new Friendster. Haven’t you heard?

The Gapers’ Block Party was fun last weekend.

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