sp_futfetish_1_1.jpgWired’s Future Fetish showcases potential computing applications for a decade from now. Their first object of technolust; the ‘iPhone’ from Apple which includes “an LCD arm cuff that includes a PDA, wireless Internet, a mini iPod, and, of course, a phone”. But from the picture, it seems to be running OS X. Hopefully, Apple will release an OS upgrade within the next decade. [Via Gizmodo]

An open letter to Puma, one more reason why I like Gawker.

This Shiite Muslim head-cutting tradition is pretty disturbing.

Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974 is likewise disturbing, but in a funnier way.

This guy build a miniature tank for his son, complete with a potato cannon. [Via /.]

A warning: reading Missed Connections personal ads can become an addiction. While addictions are bad, reading personal ads for hours a day, with no intention of responding, gives me a cool artsy aura, like that drug dealer in American Beauty who films dead birds and plastic bags. Perhaps.

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