Rather than studying for my math midterm, I'll deliver you bits of tid, scraped like gristle from the charred frying pan of the Web.

First up, the music industry settled a lawsuit alleging they fixed CD prices. If you bought a CD between 1995 and 2000, you could be entitled to some money. Now I feel a lot less guilty about downloading all those MP3s.

Check out Margaret's latest self-indulgence: a fotoblog featuring her new digital camera (and occassionally me).

Dave Barry has a weblog. He's kind of funny, sometimes.

Tonight you should watch the State of the Union Address (unless you're, say, studying for a math test). If you're not into shallow self-congratulations and platitudes, enliven the evening with the State of the Union Address Drinking Game.

Stupid Quizzes: Which OS are you?

The aforementioned Garafolo is "flummoxed" that she might come across as unpatriotic for protesting the potential war with Iraq. I still find her arguments rhetorical and unconvincing.

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