Okay, this is amazing. Prepare to be amazed. This is a totally cool experiment.

1. Take a Band-Aid that's still in its sterile paper packaging.

2. Go in a completely dark room.

3. Pull the two tabs on the paper packaging to open the Band-Aid.

Did you see the light?

Last night there was a dead mouse in our stove. We noticed because it started to rot and stunk up the whole apartment. That's really gross. I've never lived somewhere with a mouse problem before, so the experience of removing a rotten mouse was a first for me.

My friend Mike at U of Rochester sent me a sound clip of Jim Rome talking about Allen Iverson's mother (3.5MB mp3). Jim Rome has an AM radio sports talk show that's pretty funny. Like most AM radio talk show hosts, his opinions are often hastily conceived and overly stated, but since he's talking about sports rather than politics, it's not offensive.

Anyway, the allegations that Allen Iverson threw his wife out of his house naked and broke into people's houses are old news. But Jim Rome is timeless. The best part is 5 minutes into the clip when Jim Rome says of Iverson's mother:

"Better than all that is the fact that she calls her son A.I. That's outstanding. That is outstanding."

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