This weekend was awesome

Friday morning, I signed the lease to my new apartment. Goodbye 5600 Drexel, hello 5326 Greenwood. The new apartment is much bigger and less dingy for a reasonable price. I'm living with Brian and Dele (my roommate in the dorms last year), and a mystery fourth roommate. Coincidently, my friends Dorothea, Nina, and Adele live right above us.

Friday evening, I entertained a prospective student. My mother is a high school teacher, and one of her students is probably coming to the U of C. The student, Vivian, was here doing the prospie thing, so Nate, Margaret and I took her to Pizzeria Due and showed her a bit of downtown. Then we went to an apartment party with a bunch of people from the Maroon.

Saturday, I wanted to go for a run along the lakeshore (I0ˆ9m trying to run 30 miles per week to get in shape for the marathon). But it was cold and rainy, so I went to the gym instead. I played two games of 21 and then six consecutive games of full court pickup basketball. My team was undefeated even though we were exhausted from playing three hours of basketball. It was pretty sweet.

Saturday night, we had a surprise party for my friend Jen. A group of about 15 people drove up to K-Town (as in, Korea Town) and ate at the Garden Buffet. It had all-you-can-eat sushi, and each table had a grill were you could cook your own meat. It was really good, except I ate way more than I should have (which tends to happen at buffets). We were planning to go to a karaoke bar, but we were all to full. Driving back to Hyde Park, we blasted gansta rap in Azim0ˆ9s Lexus, an experience nostalgic of high school, driving with Matt and Kyle.

On our way to K-Town we kind of got lost because our directions were bad. When we finally got close to K-Town, I commented on the car in front of us, 0ˆ6Why would anyone put such a ridiculously huge spoiler on their Mitubishi?0ˆ7
Azim said, 0ˆ6At least we know we0ˆ9re in K-Town,0ˆ7 prompting a discussion of rice-boys.

This morning, I went to Margaret, Evelyn, Heather, and Steph0ˆ9s apartment for brunch, which was really tasty. (Thanks!) Maragret has a better and funnier brunch recap on her blog.

Now I have to do my computer science project on Quicksort, and study for a midterm tomorrow. Who makes a project due the same day as the midterm? That0ˆ9s so annoying.

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