This just happened

Barnes & Noble Cafe employee: “What can I get you?”

Me: “Grande coffee.”

Employee: “Dude…dude, you know who you look like?”

Either Ashton Kutcher or Evan Marriott. I hope you say Kutcher. (A picture of me, by request)

Employee: “That dude from That ‘70’s Show, doesn’t he?

Other employees: “Who?”

Employee with head up ass: “Which one?”

Employee: “You know, the funny guy, from Dude, Where’s My Car.”

Me: “Ashton Kutcher.”

All employees: “Yeah!”

Me: “Check out my new hit show on MTV, Punk’d

[Laughter, exit sipping coffee]

The first time someone told me I looked like Ashton Kutcher was my senior year of high school. Recently, multiple strangers per week tell me I look like Kutcher. People also say I look like Evan Marriott, but he’s just stupid, while Kutcher is charmingly rambunctious.

La di da di da.

Earlier this afternoon, I noticed Andy had an explodingdog wallpaper on his laptop. I showed him the (better) explodingdog wallpaper on my laptop. I’m also wearing an explodingdog t-shirt.

Wow, explodingdog.

This just in: “Jehovah’s Witness” is an Eels song that rocks hardcore.

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