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Ray is one sexy beast. If I were a girl, I would be all over this guy. (See Ray's flog.)

Why? Because Ray can deal some serious rectal assualt (a.k.a. ass whooping) when it comes to 007 Nightfire. And for that matter, when it comes to Halo or Splinter Cell. (Splinter Cell, mind you, is a one-player game, so he delivers his assault to the little gnome in the XBox, rather than other players; and he does it all stealthy-like, like sneaking up to you quietly and putting you in a headlock with a silenced pistol and then popping you even though you ratted out your boss then dragging your body into a well lit area so the other guards find you.) And don't even get me started on Sentinel guided rockets...

When I asked Ray what he thought about recent titles from Electronic Arts, he said, "It ain't in the game. It's in my nuts."

There you have it.

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