The usual suspects: Who is

The usual suspects: Who is Kaycee Nicole?
My previous entry, about Kaycee Nicole, is not entirely true. Indeed, I took Kaycee's story to be sincere, but I was deceived.

On May 17, headspace wrote Your Guide to Faking Life and Death Online. The next day he clears up any ambiguities: he was talking about Kaycee. Then, people at Metafilter started talking (note: since this is a very long MeFi thread, it will take a while to load). BWG, who maintained Kaycee's web site, was especially upset at the suggestions that Kaycee did not exist.

Today, BWG reveals the truth, about how he was tricked by Debbie, who claimed to be a friend of Kaycee. Debbie knew several people sick with leukemia and other cancers. She claims to have interwoven their stories to create the character of Kaycee Nicole, and cast herself as a close friend. Kaycee Nicole did not exist, but the stories attributed to her did happen to real people (alleges Debbie).

While Debbie might have had good intentions in mind--to help people be brave and focus on the positive side of life--she ended up hurting feelings and abusing people's trust. Once again, the anonymity and privacy of the Internet proves to be a double-edged sword.

And so the controversy ends.

Oops. My bad. It's only begun. There's a rash of new sites weighing in on the Kaycee Nicole issue. I recommend the Kaycee Nicole FAQ. Even some credentialed journalists are picking up the story.

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