The Spot Diner

I have gone to the Spot diner the past four nights in a row. That is three nights in a row too many.

Here's a survey from Dawn:
1. Shoes on or off? On.
2. Meat or vegetables? Meat, preferably white.
3. Desktop or Notebook? PC Desktop, with dreams of a Latitude C400 laptop.
4. Red or green? Red. Dark red.
5. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke is the only soda I drink.
6. Tidy or messy? I'm always very messy.
7. Reading or writing? Reading.
8. The letter K or the letter Q? K of course. I don't think qtheory is even a word.
9. Square or circle? Circles are mo' betta.
10. Rain or snow? Snow is pretty. Rain is annoying.

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