The Perfect Day Today (well,

The Perfect Day

Today (well, technically yesterday) was a great day! So many good
things happened that I hardly know where to start.

I had my French orals for IB this morning,
third period. I had studyed for them, so I felt pretty well prepared. But
I was still quite nervous because I am a weak student in French.

My parents came into my room this morning as my alarm clock was going off to
inform me that there was an hour delay (as a result of the extraordinarily erratic
weather we have been experiencing of late) - hence no zero period (I go in to
school an hour early for 'zero' period because of scheduling complications, but
zero period is canceled for hour delays), so it was essentially a two hour
delay. I slept for one hour, then reviewed my oral the second.

First period was English class, which went pretty well. I got two papers
back - one, on Invisible Man, which received an 84 (decent) and another
older paper about Ibsen's A Doll's House which I got a 96 on
(spectacular). So that made my day and lifted my spirits before the oral. Of course, Ms. Lord did not miss an opportunity to slide in a cliché
about 'taking the blinders off' as we chatted in the hallway about the paper,
but I was in such a good mood I did not even cringe. :-)

I skipped second period to review and relax for my oral, which was very
beneficial, as it gave me time to gather my thoughts. However, third
period, as I went into the designated room attached to the library, I was still
quite nervous. I asked Ms. Gorton, my French teacher administering the
oral, a few specific grammar and pronunciation questions. Then, she
graciously allowed me all the time I needed to settle my nerves for the
oral. After sitting in silence for about five minutes, I was ready to
go. I was hardly even thinking about French as I went through my oral - it
was second nature. At the end, she said I had done excellently and surprisingly
well (remember - I am not the best French student). I rounded out the day
with math class, which is a breeze, and French class, in which we had a cool
substitute (because Ms. Gorton was doing the orals, obviously) who talked to us
about her experiences in an all-girl high school.

Today seemed to be the ideal balance of productivity - my orals and getting my
English papers back, and relaxation - the hour delay and only having to go to
three classes, which led nicely into the weekend.

Ah, if only people did not have such a tendency to focus on the negative so that
I could better remember and appreciate days like this...

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