Thank you Melissa, Stephanie, and

Thank you Melissa, Stephanie, and Grandma and Grandpa for the e-greeting cards. It made my day.
Adele made my day twice yesterday. First, she wrote me a really nice email telling me how she likes me. Then she gave me a cool watch that clips on to a belt, rather than going around my wrist. See, I think wrist watches are really uncomfortable, so I don't wear them. I've been trying to teach myself to tell time mentally by guessing the time, then looking at a clock. But Adele is concerned that I'll never know what time it is in college - so this was a really awesome gift that totally made my day a second time.
By the way, about the email from Adele that I posted, she "doesn't usually sound that gushy". Just so you know. (Adele, you're the best ever.)

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