The computer lab where I work upgraded all the G4 cubes to OS 10.2 Jaguar.

It is gorgeous. I0ˆ9ve been using it all day, and I0ˆ9m definitely a big fan. Internet Explorer is a little quirky, but Mozilla is supa' dupa'. And so is AIM.

Here's my $0.02 about Apple: I think the Switch campaign is annoying and misrepresentative of Windows. In my experience, Mac OS 9 crashed just as much as Windows 9x. Mac OS 10 and Windows XP are both virtually crash-proof (thanks to protected memory and less legacy support), and they are equally usable. (That's assuming you have a two-button mouse. One button: WTF?).

So instead of just using Windows, why not use both? As an early Christmas present, how about an iBook? (Don't forget the Airport card.)

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