Sweet Release

One more quarter of college is done.

I just got back from a party for my friend Tal. He0ˆ9s going to Israel for the next few weeks, and then he0ˆ9s spending the winter quarter abroad in Argentina. He seemed a little excited that both countries are in dire conditions, either politically or economically. Anyway, I hope he has a safe trip.

The past quarter has been relatively good. At the end of last year, I felt depressed and burned out about college. This year, I0ˆ9ve made many improvements in my health (by eating, sleeping, and exercising properly), and living independently and responsibly. Slowly, my more responsible and disciplined lifestyle is transferring to my studies, allowing me to procrastinate less, and work better and more efficiently. Slowly. I0ˆ9m acting more like an adult. In one sense, becoming an adult makes me sad, but for the most part, I like it.

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