Steve is a nice guy and my friend

Funny things relating to Steve:

  • His 18 inch neck
  • His big arms
  • In high school, Steve played football. His favorite number is 13, but that jersey was already taken. So, Steve picked 62 because if you reverse the digits in '13', and multiply it by 2, you get 62.
  • In seventh grade, Steve was in a band called Purge. He wasn't very good at holding on to his drumsticks, so he always took at least a half dozen drumsticks on stage. They would peridocially fly out of his hands and go all over the stage.
  • He has a laugh that sounds like "uh-huh, huh huh huh". His whole body shakes when he laughs, and he claps his hands and says, "that's classic."
  • When Steve's father answers the phone, he says "Roessner's" in a grizzly, scary voice. Steve says that his father is a luddite, and doesn't like to feel obligated to answer the phone. We say that Steve's father has dug up the bones of Alexander Graham Bell. Sometimes, when Steve comes to the phone, he's out of breath because he was running so his father didn't answer the phone.
  • Steve is currently the drummer of an awesome "geemo rock" band called Brighton. "Geemo rock", as you may have guessed, is a contraction of "geek rock" and "emo".
  • [new, according to an email from Steve] When Steve read this post from a computer lab at his college, he laughed so hard they asked him to leave.

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