Spread it on!

Earlier tonight I went to see Inconvenient Truth playing at the cinema 50 feet from my apartment. But that's not what this post is about. Standing in line for candy, I did a double- then triple-take at the man standing behind me. Finally I placed where I'd seen him: Mayor Bill Timber of Super Troopers (Google Images, you fail me, YouTube FTW).
John Lloyd as Bill Timber

Since I have a rather infamous history of mistaking regular people for celebrities, I took a cautious tact. My triple-take was conspicuous, and I totally screwed up my candy order from my preoccupation. (My order invovled me silently thrusting a bill at the cashier.
"Um, what do you want?"
"What is the money for?"
"Oh. Um...Junior Mints." )

So I turned and said, "You look a lot like a guy from Super Troopers. Have you seen that movie?"
He smirks and shrugs, "yeah."
"Oh my god, you're the mayor guy!"
Thinking quickly, I whip out my camera phone and ask if I can take a picture, "My friends will totally flip. We love that movie."

He respectfully declined, which is probably sound publicist advice in the "don't let cult fans accost you, especially if they can barely place you" category.

Instead he shook my hand and introduced himself as John Lloyd.

The only thing I could think to say was, "Spread it on!" (which I meant as a compliment).

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