Some other happy things that

Some other happy things that happened in my life recently:

Last night, the waitresses at What's Your Beef told me, for the second time, that I'm really sweet and kind, and that I take the blame for way too much stuff. I don't mind taking the blame though, because it rarely stresses me out, and sometimes other workers get really stressed out if they get blamed for stuff - so I don't mind, and it makes work more comfortable. Of course, I do have my standards, and I don't hestitate to stand up for myself if I believe that something's important - like when I told the owner to stop patronizing me and treat me with the respect an employee deserves. Oh, and this whole patronizing story is good, so I'll talk about it in my next post.
Also, in addition to complimenting me, the bartenders voluntarily gave me five dollars out of their tips because I helped them out so much.
Random acts of kindness sure do make people feel good.

Additionally, a girl I haven't seen in a few years (Katie Pines) came in to the restaurant last night with her family. She went to a local high school, and was taught by my mother in AP Chemistry. She really loved my mom, and her whole family complimented my mother's teaching abilities (and, in case your wondering, Katie got a 5 on the AP exam and is now studying chemistry at Cornell). My mom is an incredibly awesome chemistry teacher - she is constantly getting all sorts of awards and recognitions. Also, Katie said my spiky hair looked cute.
Anyway, they asked where I was going next year, and I told them University of Chicago. Katie's aunt gasped and put her hand on her chest - it turns out she was from Evanston (a northern suburb of Chicago)! She couldn't say enough good things about U of C and how impressed she was with me. Then I told her Adele was going to the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern (in Evanston), and she gasped and and went off on how great Northwestern is. That's the kind of reaction I could get used too...

Then today, I was helping my neighbors upgrade the RAM in their computer, and they let me drive their new red 2000 Jetta to get the RAM from the computer store. That car is such a blast to drive! I'm so jealous.

Tonight, Adele and I have a hot date at Lost Dog Caf0—5 and Coffeehouse, the restaurant that probably has the most unique atmosphere of any restaurant I know (even their web site is cool). Somehow, it manages to attract hippies, punks, and yuppies at the same time. The food is great, and I can't imagine a cooler person to go with.

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