Snow, Football, and Urine Since

Snow, Football, and Urine

Since it is snowing so beautifully outside, I decided to go for a long walk. There is already a lot of snow on the ground, so school is almost certainly canceled tomorrow.

It was sort of a quiet, contemplative walk. The first thing I did was make a snowball. I scooped up some snow, and thought about the chemistry and physics involved in making a snowball. Here's what I though:

Water is densest in the liquid form, so when I apply pressure to it by packing it, I melt the outermost layer of
When I remove the pressure, it freezes, forming a thin sheet of ice around the snowball, holding it together. This same property of
water being
densest in the liquid state is why ice is slippery. I held the snowball for the entire duration of the walk.

I got to thinking about work, and what I'm going to do with my afternoons off from school. I really want to get a job and start making
money for college. The first place to come to mind was Barnes&Noble. I would enjoy working in the Starbuck's Cafe there, but if I was just shelving books it would get pretty boring. I also thought about being a waiter - the money would be great, but the hours are bad (evenings). Or, I wonder if I could work at a local computer store doing odd jobs. I think I could do that really well and I would enjoy it, but I'm not sure if the computer places will hire someone who has no formal training.

Then I my thoughts meandered back to science and technology. I realized that snow (or weather in general) possesses a real ability to
interfere with our (human) lives. A foot of snow goes a long way towards paralyzing a city. Even our best attempts at removing it still takes hours. Then I thought about when I'm rich and famous, I'll have a heated sidewalk and driveway
with a snow-sensor. When it senses snow, it will turn on, and melt all the snow.

However, these thoughts, and any serious thoughts for several minutes hence, were dismissed when I saw Tobyn Coffee, a 20-something neighbor who lives a block up from me, urinating in the street. He didn't see me until I was only a few feet away, and was quite relieved when he realized I wasn't the police. I could smell that he had been drinking, though I already expected this because (a) he was urinating in the street and (b) he had been urinating for several minutes. It was funny. He had hoped the Titans (referring to Superbowl XXXIV) would win, so he was a little disappointed. I said,

"Well, at least you can be relieved that it was a close game." I don't think he got the pun. It was corny anyway.

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