Shoot coward, you're only going

Shoot coward, you're only going to kill a man.

I haven't written in a while because I broke my computer. The reason it broke was because of Linux. I had my computer running both Windows 98 and Linux, but I never used Linux and decided to remove it - that's what caused the problem. I don't see what people like so much about Linux. I've had nothing but frustrations with it. I could never get the network settings right, or my soundcard to work, or the printer - whereas Windows automatically configured all those things.

People also complain about the size and footprint of Microsoft products - that they're these huge, hard-disk devouring programs. But Linux (RedHat, versions 6.0) took about 400MB compared to Window's 250. And I know that MacOS is over

But anyway, since the computer was in the shop to be fixed, my father figured it was time to throw in a CD burner (Yes, I have a CD burner, who wants to touch me?) I couldn't avoid pointing out the irony that had we had a CD burner, I would not have needed more space for mp3s, and would not have deleted Linux in the first place. I've never read Heller, but I believe this situation is a Catch 22.

I've started reading about Ché Guevara (an Argentinean communist revolutionary guerrilla fighter). In tenth grade I went to France and Spain, and was amazed at what an icon he was in the impoverished Spanish villages. So I, with my socialist left-wing ideals, bought a Ché t-shirt, which gained some notoriety among my history teachers. Though I definitely don't agree with all his philosophies, I think he is an incredible and interesting leader. His last words before he was executed are said to be, "Shoot coward, you're only going to kill a man."

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